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January 15, 2018

November 30, 2017

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February 5, 2018

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Keep It Simple: Move More.

July 27, 2017

So this summer I have been up in Ohio helping my father, a family practice physician, start up a new practice. Talk about a crash course in business! I have learned so much and it has been such a great process to be apart of. One of my favorite part of this summer project has been working with my dad on branding the business and creating his marketing material.


Early this summer, as we were brainstorming ideas, I noticed his slogan for his practice: Eat less. Wear a Seatbelt. Keep Moving.


I liked it, but with my education in exercise science, I asked my dad, why don’t you say something about exercise? His response, “Kel, most people don’t really like to exercise.” He got me there! I tried to come up with a response but his response forced me to stop and think. And then I thought about the majority, how our nation is in a state of lacking physical activity, and well yea, most people probably don’t love or even like to exercise.


I know we all aren’t most people, but I think my dad brings up a good point, not all of us are drawn to the gym, or to be there more than one time a day. Some of us might be but not all of us. And lately, after having this foot surgery last week, not being able to move a whole lot, I realize the importance of simply moving.


So my point is this, before we get too caught up and overwhelmed in our training programs and regiments – plenty of time for us to get into the specifics – let’s start with the foundation, the day to day.  After all, if we spend one hour in the gym but then sit around for eight to twelve hours a day, we aren’t doing ourselves too much of a favor.


Literally, all movement adds up so take the stairs, make a standing desk at work, park further away, and stand when you can. There are 24 hours in a day and if we can consciously make an effort to move more throughout our waking hours we will be doing ourselves a huge favor not only now but in the long term. All of what we do has a cumulative effect. Find ways throughout your daily routine to be more active and incorporate more movement.


As I said earlier, we will get to the details later on training, but it’s important we remind ourselves of the basics. Being active throughout our day can really make a difference.


So let me know, what is one way you can move more throughout your day? Drop a note below.


I love hearing from you! And until next time, move more and if you don't mind maybe move a little for me too ;) Surgeon said six weeks without any weight on my foot - tomorrow marks week 1.


Have a wonderful day!



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