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January 15, 2018

November 30, 2017

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February 5, 2018

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5 Road Trip Fit Friendly Foods

March 27, 2017

As I woke up this morning wondering what I felt like writing about I thought back over the weekend. It was a fun yet busy weekend after the transitions over the past month. This weekend had me feeling like a true Floridian from attending the Palm Beach Boat Show on Saturday to driving across the state from South Florida to Tampa on Sunday.  It was great weather, great company, and a good time.


And the best part is, I was able to enjoy the whole weekend and it’s experiences while being on this 24-Day Challenge. (if you have any questions about the challenge, feel free to email me). Without getting into two much detail, the challenge is basically a reset for our bodies. For 24 days, limiting alcohol, junk food, and added sugar. In the past, when I have been dieting for shows or worried about my figure, I typically would get super stressed out about food and traveling. I would worry about preparing all my food before leaving or have a pretty intense fear of not being able to be find something I could eat.


This way of thinking is hardly relaxing or productive, especially if we are talking about traveling and maintaining a healthy way of living.  When something that is supposed to be healthy, becomes a burden, to what extent is it really healthy? 

So this brings me to today’s post. Yesterday, my friend Celeste and I took a little road trip to Tampa and back to pick up Simon, an adorable 6-year-old dog (no, not mine, but I have named myself his Aunt.).  Knowing we would be in the car for almost 7 hours I decided to pack us some food for the road. Typically when I pack road food, I try to make it convenient, quick and healthy. Below is my list of my 5 Road Trip Fit Friendly Foods.


  1. Nuts. As a source of healthy fat, nuts are a great road trip snack in that they provide energy and satiety.  They are easy to eat when in the car. If you are up for the challenge you can try pistachios like we did but that’s a little advance ;) I ended up with the shells all over! Cashews, almonds, walnuts are great nuts to travel with. Just keep in mind nuts are higher in calories, 9 calories/gram, and that’ not bad but they do add up quickly. I recommend buying portioned bags or portioning them into your own Ziploc bags prior to getting on the road.

  2. Protein Bars. Protein, the body’s building block for muscle, is essential to maintaining our body’s lean muscle tissue. Even though we may not be working out while sitting in the car, it is still important to keep our body fueled with the proper nutrients for optimizing our health. Other sources of protein like egg whites, chicken, and beef might not be so easy to eat in the car, that’s why I recommend protein bars here.

  3. Jerky. Normally I would say beef Jerky but now there are so many types of Jerky. I recently worked at the Arnold for EpicBar. I highly recommend checking them out as they have a variety of meats such as venison, bison, turkey, and chicken. The have an incredible philosophy to making their jerky that promotes making this type of snack one of the healthiest it can be. I highly recommend checking out their website.

  4. Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes or Protein powder. I love the Advocare Meal Replacement packets. They are a great combination of protein to carbohydrate ratio in single serving packets. So if you are on a mission, like we were yesterday, you might not have time to stop and eat a meal with a fork and spoon. I like the meal replacement shake because it has a great macronutrient profile, tastes great, and it’s super convenient on the go. If you don’t have the meal replacement shake, you can always bring protein powder – although this may take a little more effort since you may need to portion it out ahead of time but totally doable. And consider paring your scoop of protein with a piece of fruit for some carbohydrate energy. For this snack, you may want to bring a shaker bottle, and if you forget, just pick up a bottle of water when you stop for gas.

  5. Handheld Fruit. Fruit, a carbohydrate source provides us energy for the drive, keeping us awake and energized. I recommend fruits that are easy to eat for the sake of not making a mess. Apples, bananas, and berries make great travel fruits.

In addition to these snacks, I typically travel with plenty of water, gum, sugar free water flavorings, and of course, you know me, I make sure that I have my Starbucks app ready to go, for when I am feeling a coffee.


What is your number one Road Trip Fit Friendly Food?  Send me an email and let me know.


Have a wonderful start to your week! I look forward to hearing from you!


Love always,



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