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January 15, 2018

November 30, 2017

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February 5, 2018

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The Best Workout for Your Soul.

February 13, 2017

As Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I wanted to write an article on love, a different kind of love, one for humanity, one about spreading joy around to all of those that we meet. Although this post is not an intense workout or recommendation for nutrition, I hope it will inspire your health in another aspect, the way in which we share and show love.  


Last Wednesday evening I was running errands and stopped into CVS to pick up some Valentine’s Day cards.  (Call me cheesy for buying into this holiday, but I love letting people know they are loved!) As I was pulling in, a cute, elderly couple waved me into a parking space. As I stepped out of the car, in my workout clothes obviously (I guess that’s the most fitness part of this article), I asked them how they were doing and what they were up to. They appeared to be just standing there. They responded saying they had locked their keys in their car and were waiting for someone to pick them up. I smiled and went into the store.


Now picking out cards can be an arduous task right? So it took me a bit, okay maybe like ten minutes. As I was walking back towards the car, I noticed they were still standing there. I asked them if they had any updates and they mentioned they hadn’t been about to get ahold of their son and were hoping to get in touch with someone soon.


I stood there for a second. Looked around, I could see my place from the parking lot, I was so close to being home, and was planning on going for a walk. Then I looked back at the woman and said, “Do you guys live close? Can I bring you home?” I almost couldn’t believe the words came out of my mouth. I love helping people, but I didn’t know these people at all. I guess I figured, well, clearly I workout so if anything does happen I can protect myself. They had to be at least in their 70’s and were super cute, I figured after a risk assessment, I was okay.


The older gentleman got into my car and directed me out of the parking lot. For those of you who do know me, you know I am slightly extroverted. So naturally I struck up a conversation with him on the drive. I came to learn he and his wife were originally from Italy, an instant connection. We continued to talk about Italian things until I dropped him off at his son’s. He asked me to wait in the driveway to see if his son was going to drive him back to the car, where his wife was waiting.  I said sure! As I waited in the garage, I couldn’t help but smile. It felt so good to have been able to do something to help this couple out, totally outside of my comfort zone, but so small.


As the gentleman came back outside, he walked over to the driver’s side window, and I said, “I’m Kelley,” and he replied, “I’m Jimmy. Kelley, how can I ever repay you?” I smiled and said, “Just teach me Italian.” And then I drove away. I left there feeling relived and filled with joy. I didn’t think I would ever see them again, but I was glad to know I could do something small to help them out. I drove home and got back to routine, and headed out for my walk.


Yesterday my friend Seteena and I walked over to Publix to pick up a few things at the grocery store. As we were walking towards the produce section, this sweet women smiled and recognized me. As I went to hug her, I was thinking, “Do I know her from Church?” As I pulled back from hugging her, I recognized her! It was the woman from the parking lot last week! And before I knew it her husband and son turned the corner and we were all reunited.


She was like “Kelley, my husband kept telling his friends, ‘There are still good people in this world’” That made me smile, but I really didn’t feel like I did anything out of the ordinary. My parents raised my siblings and I to be kind to everyone, I was just doing what I was raised to do. (Okay, they did always caution us about strangers too lol). We all talked for a few minutes and then exchanged phone numbers with plans to get together for dinner.


I walked out of the grocery store last night with a smile from ear to ear. It felt so good to be reconnected to them, I literally didn’t think I would see them again. Not to mention, on our walk to the store we ran into a neighbor with her cute new born and ended up talking for 20 minutes, so had that not have happen, we probably would not have run into them.


I wasn’t planning on sharing this story, until what happened yesterday, being reconnected. I just couldn’t believe it. And all within the same week. So what did I get from this experience? Share love, and share it freely. It’s amazing what doing one small thing can do, out of an act of love.


As much as I emphasize the importance of nutrition and exercise for health, I can't emphasize enough how important it is for the body and soul to love. Love oneself and love others. It's sounds so simple but when we do this, we are opening ourselves up to optimizing our life in so many ways, including in health and fitness.


So here is my workout plan for the soul, feel free to start today:



There you have it, your workout prescription for the soul.


Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and week! Know that I love you!





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