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January 15, 2018

November 30, 2017

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February 5, 2018

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25 Days of Fitness Day 8: Overcoming Obstacles

December 14, 2016

Good morning! I hope you are having a wonderful week and have been enjoying the holiday spirit.


So today is a little less science in nature, and a little more about perspective. Today I wanted to talk about bouncing back from set backs and getting back on track. To start off I wanted to paint a picture, one that is very close to me.



About a year ago, I was home visiting family and friends in Ohio over the Thanksgiving holiday. My best friend from high school, Chelsea, and I had made plans to get together. We have one of those friendships were you can go months without talking or seeing each other, but everything just picks back up and nothing has really changed. That visit though was very different than any visit we have ever had, it was then Chelsea told my family she was diagnosed with a rare cancer over the summer and was about to have a major surgery that would keep her in the hospital for 10 days.


I remember being speechless and in shock. We have been athletes our whole lives, conscious about our health, and in our early thirties – how does this happen? And why to her?


Two surgeries and a year later, I find myself at home for Thanksgiving this year, hanging out with my family and Chelsea. And this time she informs us she has to go back in for a third surgery as the doctors think there is a possibility of the cancer still being present. I remember feeling that same feeling, speechless and not understanding.


This past Friday we all received one of the best early Christmas presents ever, a successful surgery and no cancer! My brother and I spent the afternoon on Saturday visiting with her. Her hospital room was a party of love. Ten of us packed into the room to shower her with love and positive vibes. Check out her view below - looking right over at the Horseshoe!


Chelsea  ALWAYS SEES the best in her situation and OVERCOMES OBSTACLES.


Chelsea is one of the most resilient people I know. Ever since we were in high school, I can remember her confident attitude, a “Tell me I can’t, and watch me do it” and she would accomplish anything she set out to, no matter what obstacles were thrown in her way.


I wanted to share this story as a reminder that no matter what obstacles are thrown in our way, we can overcome. Chelsea demonstrates tenacity, courage, and determination beyond anything I can describe.


So making full circle and bringing this back to the 25 Days of Fitness – no matter what set back, don’t let it hold you back. Pick up the pieces, know that you can and will be okay, and like Chelsea,


Watch Yourself Make it Happen!

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