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January 15, 2018

November 30, 2017

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February 5, 2018

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25 Days of Fitness Day 6: Let’s Get Specific and Take Some Notes

December 8, 2016


Better late than never right? Today’s post is getting up a little later than I would like but it is here none-the-less. I guess it’s like that workout we squeeze in on those hectic days right? Get it in!


I have shared a little bit lately that I am in the process of developing my first 14-week online undergraduate course on Functional Fitness. As a part of the content I have been reaching out to some of my dear mentors, colleagues and experts in the field and interviewing them on their respective areas of expertise.


Today I had the chance to interview my dear friend and mentor Dr. Jose Antonio, Associate Professor at NOVA Southeastern University and CEO and Co-Founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. I was speaking to Jose today on The Principles of Exercise and one of the subjects we spoke about was the Principle of Specificity.


The Principle of Specificity basically states that you will improve your fitness or performance of a specific muscle group or metabolic system based on the way you train. Therefore if you are training for a marathon it’s probably smart to work on your endurance and long distance running as opposed to seeing how much weight you should lift. If you are training to be stronger in the weight room, then you probably do not need to run a whole lot.


This also lead us to discussing the importance of goal setting and tracking our progress. Many of us chose aesthetic goals for our fitness goals. These sound great, I mean who doesn’t want to look great. The issue here though is many people, just about all, who emphasize looks over performance are never satisfied. Once we get to certain leanness, we want to be leaner, have more muscle, bigger shoulders, smaller thighs, you name it. However, if we can shift gears and focus on running faster, getting stronger, being a better basketball player, etc. we will, by default improve our physiques but have a more gratifying and objective goal.


In order to truly make progress and be on the path to seeing results, whether aesthetic or performance, it is important to write down your workouts. This allows you to keep yourself accountable and to objectively see the work you have completed week in and week out. I know I know sometimes it can seem tedious or annoying but if you’re serious about making progress it’s worth the 5 minutes. Think about it you are already spending time in the gym – why not get the most out of your time in the gym and write things down.


See you tomorrow and have a great evening! 





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