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January 15, 2018

November 30, 2017

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February 5, 2018

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25 Days of Fitness Day 5: Step Up Your Cardio Game w/ TheCardioBoss

December 6, 2016

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday and Day 5 of fitness!



How many of us love cardio? Mehhh love might be an extreme word, right? At least for me, if I am doing steady state it can be so easy for me to get distracted, bored and lose focus as well as intensity. Not to mention if I forget my headphones!


I am always looking for new ways to spice up my cardiovascular training not only to keep my mind from drifting but also to keep my body guessing. Don’t get me wrong, a great run or ride can be great for the body and soul but it is nice to add in some variation.


About a year ago I downloaded a friend and coach, Mike Davies, Cardio Boss app. – you can download here. There is both a free and paid ($1.99/month) version. The free version has 10 workouts and the paid one has more and releases new workouts. Why do I love the app?


The workouts are for all fitness levels. That’s right. Each is labeled Moderate, Intermediate and Advanced so you have an idea of which type of sweat sesh you are about to embark on. And each workout is totally scalable – you can always change the speed, interval time, and exercise, as you need.


The workouts are short, sweet, and to the point. Direct and pointed – the way I like to train. There are images as well as typed instructions for each workout keeping the guesswork out of your cardio workout. The workouts run from about 25-50 minutes – depending on the workout you choose.


The workouts have variation. No workout is the same and that seems to be the mantra for this application. The workouts incorporate treadmills, stairmills, bikes, ellipticals, tracks, rowing machines, benches, dumbbells and bosu balls. Don’t feel like the treadmill today, okay scroll over to one with a bike! A cure for my distracted mind ;)


The workouts will make you sweat. This is pretty much a given! And what I love about them is that you are constantly changing things up so it doesn’t give you too much time to think about how hard you are actually working.


The workouts make you feel like you have accomplished something! Every time I finish up a CardioBoss workout I feel accomplished. So if I don’t have much time and only get in a CardioBoss sesh- I am not stressed at all. Because they incorporate some weights as well as plyometrics you are tapping into some strength training, again without really realizing how hard you are working and how much work you are getting done.


So for Day 5 – give a The CardioBoss sesh a try and let me know how it goes! I did THE HEAT yesterday and was smoked!  


Have a wonderful Morning! Share your sweatsesh with me and use the hashtag #decemberfitproject






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