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January 15, 2018

November 30, 2017

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February 5, 2018

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25 Days of Fitness: Day 3 Walking in a Fitness WonderLand ☺

December 4, 2016



Ok I had a to be a little silly this morning! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Today marks Day 3 of 25 Days of Fitness (Saturdays are a rest day – although I did train yesterday - it feels good to get back in the gym!).


One of the, well in my opinion, overlooked physical activities that can help us in fitness and overall health tremendously is walking. Yup walking!


Why do I love walking?


  1. All fitness levels. Just about anyone of any fitness level can walk. Walking is completely scalable and allows people of any fitness level to get in this activity together.

  2. Anywhere. We don’t need any equipment to walk. Whether we are at home, on vacation, at work, we can get in a walk. Out shopping at the mall this season? Take a few extra laps. Having family over for the holidays? Why not bundle up (or not depending on where you live) and go for a walk together after the big meal?

  3. Mindset. Walking is a great way to get in some mental fitness as well as clarity. Especially during this time of year when stress levels can be high, walking provides a great way to clear our heads and lower stress levels.  

  4. Social or Solo. Walking is a great way to spend time with a friend to catch up and encourage exercise as well as get in some quality alone time. I recommend creating a walking group or finding a partner. It’s a great way to get in some quality time and create a sense of accountability. When I was in Old Town we had a walking crew at 6am in the mornings and it was awesome. We would go out for about 30 minutes in the morning and it was a way to catch the sunrise and have some good conversation with one another before starting the day. In Boca, I have a walking partner and we head out for a 4-mile loop in the evenings and catch sunset, a great way to wind down the work day and catch up with a friend.

  5. Outdoors. Walking outdoors allows us to spend time in nature and explore new areas. As mentioned above, no matter where we are in the world, we can likely go for a walk (unless it is unsafe).  Not only are we getting in physical activity but we are able to see nature and appreciate new places.

  6. Indoors. At the gym we can walk on the treadmill. One of my favorite walks to do on the treadmill is an incline walk. Incline walking is a great way to strengthen the hamstrings and glutes, in turn strengthening our lower back.

  7. Compliment to Intense Workouts. We’ve talked about HIIT training and walking is a great way to balance out and recover from the more strenuous training we do. Walking is a great exercise to do for active recovery after a heavy training day. It can help us alleviate soreness.

Those are just a few reasons why I love walking. Usually I am all about super intense -workouts but over the years I have learned to love walking just as much. There is something about getting in some less intense work but enjoying it in a different way.


Walking Rx.


My number one rule when it comes to exercise is:


Therefore, based on your fitness level start where you’re at.  Usually I like to walk for 30-60 minutes five to six days a week. Does it always happen that way? Nope. But during the holidays , maybe we can make a conscious effort to get in a walk a more often? Why not?


I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and look forward to hearing from you!


Let me know how your walk goes!