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January 15, 2018

November 30, 2017

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February 5, 2018

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25 Days of Fitness: Day 1 Making Time to Get It In

December 1, 2016



Welcome to December! I saw a post on Instagram this morning that said:


 “December: The month of joy, happiness, and to finish what you started.”


I loved that! We have 31 days left in 2016 so why not capitalize and make them the best 31 yet?


In terms of fitness, why not commit to ourselves to make time for your health this month? It doesn’t have to be dramatic, but ideally, consistent. And with today being December 1st, it is a great day to set up a fitness goal for the month! I will be in it with you.


Some of you may know, I was diagnosed with Mono this past month. I still am perplexed on how I came down with the virus, but regardless it has forced me to stop just about every form of physical activity. Over a month ago I was training for a full marathon and was up to about 12 miles. And then one Saturday went out for a 4 mile. After about 1 mile I started to feel dizzy and light headed and ended up walking home. Super frustrated, I thought maybe I was over training. Long story short here it is a month later and I went from running 12 miles to now I am lucky to get in 30 minutes of walking! What?! 


It’s been a journey, a process, and a way to force me to slow down. But I am super excited to get back, slowly but surely and practice consistency.


This goes back to the title of today’s article: Making Time to Get It In. What will you do this month? Maybe it’s a daily leisure walk? Maybe it’s weight training 5 days a week? Maybe it’s a combination of the two?


It’s important to engage in exercise this time of year for a number of reasons. One, exercise is a stress reliever! And we know how stressful things can get around the holidays. Two, it helps us with optimizing our body composition. Let’s be honest, this time of year (unless we are in competition mode) our caloric consumption elevates J. Three, it’s a great way to spend time with others. Grab a friend, significant other, or join a group class and get fit this next month with others.


Next steps:


1. Carve out your time


Figure out when you will get in your workouts this month and write them down somewhere! Could be on your phone, in your calendar, wherever. This can be your GIFT to yourself! Seriously. Our health is the most precious gift we have and it is up to us to keep it!


2. Be Accountable


You can always message me to help keep you on track. Whether it’s yourself or someone else, it’s important to be accountable.  Check back in on the workouts you carved out on your calendar and reevaluate if needed.


3. Enjoy the Process


Try to be in the moment each workout and throughout your day. This time of year can easily throw us into stress mode and we can miss out on the best moments of the day.


Happy December! Here’s to finding joy, happiness, and finishing what we started! Catch you tomorrow! 






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