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January 15, 2018

November 30, 2017

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February 5, 2018

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The Morning Mindset Makeover

May 30, 2014

Hey there! Getting back to mindset today! The fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle posts are coming, but first thing's first: we  have to have our mind right! Today's post touches base on the power and influence our mindset, especially in the morning. Speaking of morning, what’s the first thing you thought of this morning when your alarm went off? Seriously, take a few seconds to think about it. Was it how great or lousy you slept? How much is waiting for you at work? What are you going to have for breakfast? All of those are legit thoughts but they are also pretty trivial and mundane, none-the- less they don’t really do much for our mindset.


I have been doing a lot of introspection lately as my life is at an exciting (and a little nerve-wracking, being honest) place. With the culmination of  thesis work, graduation, and some personal stuff, I have realized how much my mind and perception influences the way I assess and chose to deal with things. I am sure you have a million things of your own you are trying to juggle, figure out, and find peace with. With so many changes and challenges it is easy to let fear, anxiety, and nervousness consume our mind.


My inner nerd, loves to read and assess these situations and my recent book is  Be Excellent at Anything by Tony Schwartz (if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend).  A few of the chapters address the mental and emotional aspects of life and how they can help or hinder us in any given situation. A key point Tony drives home is our inherent characteristic to remember bad over good, to focus on the bad over good, and to often create negative stories woven in between facts. Wow, that’s relatable. Think about it. How often do we assume the worst? We don’t get an email back within a day or a week, we don’t get a text or a tweet and we automatically go to a negative place in our mind. All of this leads me back to contemplating how powerful and important our mind is.


A few days ago I thought up of the phrase, “The Morning Minute.” For me, The Morning Minute, to me,  is anything I think of in the first thirty seconds upon waking up. Well, 2600 miles west and months before my brain was there, my good friend and mentor, Clark Bartram was onto a similar concept. It’s funny how life works, I am not as genius as I would like to think ;). For those of you who don’t know Clark, he is an icon and leader in the fitness world, but more importantly Clark is one of the most down-to-earth successful people I know. I was browsing through Twitter yesterday (imagine that) and I came across a tweet on Clark’s page for his new app. Curious, I clicked on the link. GENIUS popped into my mind!


Clark has taken that concept of those morning minutes and transformed them into positive morning messages. Ranging from topics, you can preselect the message, set your alarm, and as Clark says, “wake up on the right side of the bed!” I had the chance to spend a weekend at a conference with Clark a few years ago, and his positive attitude is contagious and infectious. I can’t even imagine how happy the world would be if everyone woke up to Clark’s positive messages every morning.  Seriously, the first ten minutes of the day are critical for shaping the way the rest of your day plays out.  What are you waiting for? Download The First 10  for your andriod phone today, so that everyday will be your best day! (Don't worry iPhone users, The First 10 will be here soon!) 


The take away message: choose your thoughts deliberately and positively in the morning! It will make a world of a difference! Change your mind, change your life!


Have an amazing day guys! Catch you on Facebook & Twitter!







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