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January 15, 2018

November 30, 2017

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February 5, 2018

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Skip the Guilt Trip: Stay in the Present.

May 13, 2014

Long time no see! I’m glad your back as I have missed each and every one of you! I am personally extending an invitation to you join me now, in the present J. Those of you know me a little more closely know my cheesy sense of humor. But really, I am asking you all to join me in the present.


I felt inclined to write about the present this morning because of the whirlwind called life that I almost fell “victim” to in the past three months. As a result, I found myself taking frequent “guilt trips.” I’m the type of person who likes to “do it all” and anything less than that often leaves me feeling “guilty.” This blog is a perfect example. I love to sit down and put my thoughts, inspirations, research, and ideas out – but the reality of it is, the past three months, it was not on my priority list. I struggled with that. I was finishing up a degree, working 4 part-time jobs, training for a half-marathon, blah blah blah. I am sure each and every one of you has an extensive list of all of the things that you are doing each and everyday! And I commend you on all of them! That is great and amazing!


The problem lies in when we are not satisfied with where we are and with what we are doing. For myself, I fall “victim to these “guilt trips” and in turn, avoid the thing that I set out to do completely. How many of you know what I am talking about? A great example of this beyond writing a blog is exercising, eating healthy, going to that yoga class, making that phone call, etc. So what happens? We start out the week, month, or even day with all the intention in the world to add in one more thing to our to-do list. Great start. But then what happens when push comes to shove and the one extra thing we set out to do doesn’t get done? If you are like me, it’s not uncommon that you feel guilty or, for lack of a better word, a “failure.”


For what?! What does this mini “mental vacation” (aka guilt trip) provide us with? Definitely not satisfaction or relaxation! So skip it! Don’t go there. It’s definitely a mind-shift but the reality of it is, the “guilt trip” isn’t going to change the fact that you have not done whatever it is you set out to do.


Instead, embrace where you are. Honestly. Spending the mental energy on beating yourself up is draining and not to mention taking away from the task you could be fully engaged in during the present.  The hours in our days our finite and sometimes not everything we want to do will fit within those 24 hours. And guess what? THAT IS OKAY! 


A few tricks I like to use to help me find balance and stay present are:


  • Keeping a checklist: Almost daily I write out the things I hope to accomplish each day. I have one for my work life and my personal life. I write anything from going to CVS to calling my mother. Once it is on the paper, it is not taking up space in my head.

  • Writing  long -term goals somewhere visible: I have a white board as well as a chalkboard in my room that I write out month long to year-long goals on. Seeing these reminds me of my path and helps me to stay on it.

  • Create a morning routine: This helps me to get focused on the day, spend time with the checklist and have a little peace before going forward. My morning routine usually consists of coffee, a pad of paper, and my computer.


So what if not everything on the checklist gets done? That is ok! It will be there tomorrow and serves as a starting point for the next day! If we did everything today, if we accomplished all of our goals, made all of our dreams come true, what would we do tomorrow? I challenge you to enjoy today!


Skip the Guilt Trip, Stay In the Present.


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See you soon and thanks for hanging with me for a few today,