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January 15, 2018

November 30, 2017

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February 5, 2018

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She' 56, What's Your Excuse?

January 25, 2014


A few months a go there was a huge controversy over the text on a fitness photo of a mother, Maria Kang, and her three children, as shown below. Frankly, she inspired me. After three kids and still having that banging physique – you go girl! Not to mention the work of the photographer, Mike Byerly, it was a great shot.


Flash forward to yesterday, when I was teaching my 9am Metabolic Effect class at The George Washington University. As I surveyed the room to take attendance (it’s a for credit course), I took note of the one participant in the front row. She comes to class religiously, and she is not a student. She is Dr. Loretta DiPietro, a 56-year-old mother of two, professor, department chair, who is involved in just about every campus initiative, the GW club field hockey coach (who plays as well), works at the USDA, and still makes it a priority to come to my class every week.


As we approached our one-minute sprint, I pointed to Loretta and barked to my class (in good fun), “Do Not Let This Woman Beat You In Burpees!” They all knew I was kidding (partially J ) but they love working out with her. She brings an aura and an inspiration to the classroom. These students are in their late teens and early twenties; they look up to their elder with respect and conviction. Conviction that they too can live a healthy and active lifestyle, no matter how old they are.


Loretta could easily be a member of the “VC”, as JillColeman has taught me (Victim Club) stating a myriad of reasons (or excuses) why she doesn’t have the time to workout. Trust me, if anyone has a million reasons to say how busy they are, this woman does. But she doesn’t have a single one, not even her age: 56. She is not a personal trainer for her career and she doesn’t spend hours at the gym. She gets in her 30-minute high intensity Metabolic Effect workout and then heads to the office.


Why do I bring this up?


One, for inspiration.  I look at Loretta and have a role model for my life at that age. I am turning 29 tomorrow, this woman has 27-years on me!


Two, our actions speak louder than words. As much as we say want something, if we don’t make it a priority it will not get done. (Even for me, keeping up with my blog – I say I want one, but I struggle with writing consistently). This holds true for anything, not just getting to the gym. It could be a career you’ve dreamed about, a vacation you’ve wanted, that blog you’ve wanted to create.


Three, age is a number. Yes the body ages, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop you from moving. Find your niche for exercise and get it done. Use age as a privilege, your experiences in life give you greater insight and knowledge.


Let’s channel the Loretta in us, and make living healthy a life long process.


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