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January 15, 2018

November 30, 2017

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February 5, 2018

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January 24, 2014

So lately I have been slacking a bit on #lifting. Don't get me wrong I love to lift but while on a two-week vacation, one traveling and the other in the Florida Keys I gave my body a rest. Normally, I would feel horrible about missing an ENTIRE TWO WEEKS at the gym. After all, wouldn’t I look like a beached whale at the end of the trip?


Well let me tell you a secret: you won’t look like one ;) In fact, when I did return from vacation and got back to work, I kept receiving comments, “Kel it looks like you’ve lost weight” or “Kel, you look good.” The reason I mention these comments is because prior to my return I was a little hesitant about my physique. After all, the most strenuous workouts I completed were leisure walks with my family! Talk about an amazing, restorative workout, seriously! .


The hiatus from the dumbbells and drone of the treadmill were bitter sweet. The second I let go of my guilt it was just sweet. “What? Kelley are you cra-cra -- you are a fitness professional – your job is to live and breathe the gym?!” The fact of the matter is I am human too, and honestly, a break feels great once in a while! In fact, I venture to say it is NEEDED, yes A BREAK FROM GYM ROUTINES IS NEEDED TO GET FITTER!


How can this be? Haven’t you lost strength? Haven’t you lost endurance? Yes, a little. But within a week I was back to doing my sprints up to 10.5 MPH and hitting the moderately heavy dumbbells. I know my strength will get back, and be even stronger. But what are ten, maybe twenty times more durable now is my intrinsic motivation and my own satisfaction of getting in a good day at the gym. I am back to a place of loving it again.


In closing, I wanted to share the leg workout I completed yesterday (post interval training) We will just call this one Lactic Acid Legs! Inspired by fitness gurus Mike Davies & Jill Coleman, after jumping off of the treadmill I through this puppy together:



  •   Grab a bench and some dumbbells  

  • Do as many rounds as you can in 25 minutes

  •  And an “ BRING IT ON” mindset 










Alternating lunges


12 each leg




Bulgarian split squats


13 each leg




Single leg hip raises (on your back, one leg in air and raise hip – rest weight on hips)


14 each leg


Light to medium


Single leg step up w/ squat at the bottom (when you return to floor)


15 each leg


None to light


Dumbbell deep squats (elbows to knees)


16 total


Medium to heavy


Wide stance deadlifts (dumbbells go down outside of leg – not in front)


17 total




Looking forward to an amazing 2014. Share with me what you do to restore your intrinsic motivation and success on your fitness endeavors on twitter @kelleyvargo or on facebook.

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