Custom Workout


Whether you're a six days a week gym goer or someone who has just had thoughts of knowing how to workout, getting on a program isn't as easy as downloading a one-size-fits all program. From knowing what exercises to do, to how many sets, repetitions, and choosing weights, working out can be complicated.

If I don't have a plan or a goal, my motivation on Wednesday to workout and eat healthy is about half of what I had on Monday, and about an eighth of that by Friday! If you can relate, I can help!


You don't necessarily need someone to be physically with you all of the time but if you just had a plan that works for you with your schedule and what you have access to, you'd be set.

Yes, this is yours! I have spent years in the gym personal training and teaching group fitness and often what I have learned is that once someone has a plan of action, some encouragement, and the tools to do the work, they do the work! However, if it's a one-size fits all workout or nutrition plan, it doesn't really stick.

You want to feel unique, because you are. You want to have some control, because you should. You want to have a life, because that's what this is all about!

So before you through in the towel or attempt to start one more one-size-fits all program or plan, consider doing something that will work for your lifestyle because after all it is your life.

This individualized six week program will give you the roadmap to working out, making healthy choices, all within the confines of your lifestyle. From hotel workouts to healthy options at the coffee shop, we will make your lifestyle the foundation of the training program. 

I'm ready, are you?

Check out the layout of the program below and email me if you have any questions,

Let's go!









Please note I am not a fan of meal plans nor a competition prep coach – if this is what you are looking for I am not the coach for you!


  • 60 minute initial Skype or FaceTime session (or phone works too!)

  • 6 week workout program that is customized for your lifestyle to include resistance training workouts and cardiovascular recommendations 

  • Nutrition tools and tricks that will fit into your lifestyle

What Works For you...
Any woman can step their fitness with a six week a custom workout program because it is designed for your lifestyle!

What are you waiting for? Let's level up on Life!