1 on 1 Coaching

Any Professional improve their work-life balance with individual health coaching because it gives you the social support, clarity, and tools to do it.


You do it all. From working full time to taking care of the home, traveling to professional functions, social obligations to attempting to get in workouts, eat healthy meals, and manage to have a somewhat balanced life. All of these demands placed on you can make you feel somewhat lost, overwhelmed, and well not in control. Can someone just add a few more hours in the day? 

And although you say you'll get to the gym next week, you'll start eating better tomorrow, you'll figure it out when you have a minute to breath or a vacation to reset, the reality of it is this is the dialogue you've told yourself for a while now. You've tried the latest diet, you've cut out carbs, you joined the gym but maybe get there a time or two a week if you're lucky, you've tried this product or that, but after awhile this stuff gets exhausting! You tell yourself lose the weight at some point, you'll get to the gym regularly, you'll stop eating out as much, but just not right now. 


But if not now, then when?


How do I know? I have been there. From balancing graduate school, working, relationship, working out and having close to zero social life, I would tell myself I was okay (not really) claiming I was just too busy to really to stop doing anything and assess.  I have done the cookie cutter meal plans, lived in the all-or-nothing mindset, and put everyone else first before me. Only to find myself in a situation that was less than great. Sure, on the outside it looked like everything was fine, but on the inside it felt like things were just staying afloat. Finally, I decided to ask for guidance by seeing a coach and it made all of the difference. To help me get clear, to help me get focused, to help me prioritize the things the are important to me.


That's why I decided to pull together my education and passion for empowering and elevating other professionals and developed my 12 week health coaching program. 

Whether its engaging in exercise, optimizing nutrition, or simply getting clear about goals and taking action,  I am here to support you along the way.

They say it takes at least 21 days to develop a new habit. These coaching sessions are not only to get you to develop a new habit, they are to make that habit into your way of life. 

And besides all of this stuff should be fun and enjoyable and if can be! 

You're smart, you're talented, you know what you need and what you want... so let's make it happen.

I'm ready, are you?

Check out the layout of the program below and email me if you have any questions, kelley@kelleyvargo.com

Let's go!


Initial coaching session

  • 60 minute Skype or FaceTime session (or phone works too!)

  • Tools for taking action

  • Customized plan for taking action

4 follow up sessions

  • 30 minute Skype or FaceTime session (or phone works too!)

  • Accountability check-ins

  • Weekly evaluation and reprogramming for goals

  • 60 minute Skype or FaceTime session (or phone works too!)

  • Assessment

  • Goal setting for the next six weeks

final coaching session



What are you waiting for? Let's level up on Life!